Behind the Scenes

We’re a group of friends, neighbors and business owners who live and work in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge-Greenwood Neighborhood, believe kindness matters and want to promote more kindness in our community.
We began our kindness project by searching “kind” to see what turned up on the web. A lot, it turns out. In fact, we list some of our favorite kindness-promoting resources on our Great Resources page. But what was missing from our search results were resources that promote kindness at the community level—where we wanted to focus our efforts. So we pooled our collective brainpower and KinderReminder was born.
Will KinderReminder and the activities described on this website succeed in bringing a little more kindness to the neighborhood? Time will tell and, thanks to funding through another of our community projects, we have three years (through 2024) to experiment, evaluate, evolve and find out!
Want to know more or find out how you can get involved? Email us at Want to share stories about people acting kindly? Join our Kinder Reminders group on Facebook.

Adults, left to right: Willow Yoder (Greenwood Hardware), Mylon Mayer (Ken’s Market), Dave Simons (Technical Curmudgeon), Derek Giles (Ken’s Market), Chris Bird (Ridge Pizza), Chris Maykut (PNA Business Group), Ann Bowden (Perennial Neighborhood Volunteer), Mike Veitenhans (Chief Instigator), Cecile Andrews (Community Educator), Shawn Stensberg (Stensberg Consulting:, Kubi Thomas (Tie-Dyer Extraordinaire), Tom Nissley (Phinney Books), Cath Carine (CC Design), Jim Bennett (Marketing Guru). Kids, left to right: Gus, Josh and Tyler.