PIF Weekend

The first Saturday-Sunday week-end in June is PIF Week-End—pay it forward week-end—in PhinneyWood. That’s when the businesses whose logos appear below each give away $100, $5 at a time. Walk into a participating store or restaurant, make a purchase and, if the person behind the cash register gives you a specially marked “kinded” card, you not only receive $5 off what you’re paying for, but get to pass the card along to another customer in the store or restaurant—preferably someone you don’t know—and that customer receives $5 off his/her bill, too. Random acts of kindness aimed at starting a chain reaction!
Even if you’re not on the receiving end of one of these random acts, participating businesses will have supplies of the “kinded” cards for you to to take and start your own chain reactions.
Got kids? KinderReminder.org will give away 50 kid-sized tee shirts with a hidden kindness message each day of PIF Week-End—first come, first served. How to get a shirt? Just bring your kids to the PIF Week-End booth in the Ken’s Market parking lot from noon until 3pm—or until each day’s supply of tee-shirts is gone. How to reveal the hidden message? Tie-dye the shirts on the spot, with dyes and know-how provided free of charge!